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Polished tile is ceramic tile that has very little pores. The flooring is a replacement for marble and granite. Because of its resistance to water absorption. and snow, ceramic tiles are often used outdoors. The surface it covers is a replacement for marble and granite. Clay, quartz, feldspar, and silica are mixed to form glossy surfaces, which are then hydraulically compressed to form ceramic tile. As a result, they merged into a single, hard mass with limited flexibility. Different clay materials convert at different temperatures.

Types of tiles

  • Floor Tile
  • Wall Tile
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Vitrified Tiles
  • Outdoor Tiles
  • Staircase Tiles

Types of vitrified tiles

  • Soluble salt vitrified tiles are screen printed and polished.
  • When double charge vitrified tiles are run through a press, a double layer of pigment, which is 3 to 4 mm thicker than the pigment used on other types of tiles, is used to print the pattern. While this method does not allow for elaborate patterns, it produces a tile surface that is durable and ideal for commercial projects with high traffic. The design layer shouldn’t be thicker than 4mm because doing so could reduce the tile’s strength.
  • Pigment covers the entire body (thickness) of full-body vitrified tiles. This reduces the visibility of chips and scratches and makes it the perfect option for high activity areas, but the procedure greatly raises the cost.
  • The surface of glazed vitrified tiles (GVT) is glazed. Design, artwork, and surface textures like wood grain, bamboo, slate, or stone are all available in a wide range of them. This is likewise a pricey process, however as digital printing processes are introduced, the price is decreasing.

Product Recommendation Chart - Tile & Stone Adhesive



RTB (T22)

Internal Floor where conventional tile fixing ( Cement or machan + Slurry )

NCA (T01)

Tile on internal floor & Ceramic Tiles on wall for cement-based substrate.

NSA - Gray (T02)

Fixing Vitrified tiles & dark color stones up to 2*2 feet on floor & wall , Ideal for tile-on-tile application for internal area.

NSA - White (T09)

For fixing Vitrified tiles & all types of light-colored stones up to 2*2 feet on internal wall & floor and tile-on-tile area

Vitrofix Grey (STA) (T03)

For fixing any size tile at height of 10 ft for internal application

Vitrofix White (STA) (T04)

For fixing light-colored stones & tile size of >2*2 feet on internal wall & floor and for fixing Glass tiles, Glass mosaics

Vitrox Ultra Grey / White (T05/T06)

For fixing any size tile at height of 10 ft for internal application

Extrofix White / Grey (T07/T08)

For fixing any size tile at any height for external application. Tile fixing at vibrational area like window / door frame, lift area.

Vertifix (T24)

1. Spot Bonding for anything to Anything 2. Door / Window Fame anchoring 3. Fast Setting area (15 minutes )


1. Fixing all tile & stone on Gypsum, ement, bison, MDF, Plywood, Dry Bords Metel, Glass & various substrate.

2. Metal / engineered stone / Glass tile fixing on multiple substrates

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