Non-Shrink Tie Rod Grout

Non-ferrous, cement-based, specially developed, non-shrink gun grade grout is non-shrink tie rod grout. This high-quality cementitious grout is affordable and offers the benefits of low water usage and medium to high compressive strength. For general-purpose building site applications where the emphasis is mostly on ease of application, Non Shrink Tie Rod Grout should be specified. Anti Shrink Tie Rod Grout is offered as a dry, powdered product that is ready to use and only needs water to be utilized in a variety of applications.

Key Features

  • Used for filling up tie rod openings.
  • Filled using high strength gun, ensures full bonding and ceiling with concrete.
  • low viscosity enables easy flow, fills up all pores concrete within RCC members.
  • Non shrink and expandable nature ensures complete tightness
  •  Early strength gain
  • Zero sagging allows it to hold and bond to the base concrete.
  • Chloride free
  • Non-ferrous – no staining

Method of Application

  1. Clean the Tie Rod/wall tie holes/gap / opening to be filled and remove loose unsound concrete particles, dust, oil, paint, grease, waterproof coating etc. from the entire hole/gap and gap/hole should be free of all contamination which hinders adhesion
  2. Saturate the substrate with water to prevent absorption of water from the mixed material by flushing water inside the holes to be filled.
  3. Add around 80% to 85% of the predefined amount of water in the mixing vessel to powder slowly under continuous mixing. Preferably use a slow speed mixer. Keep mixing for 2 minutes. Add a balanced quantity of 15%-20% of mixing water and again mix for another 2-3 minutes to form a homogeneous, uniform consistent workable mix.
  4. Now fill the Cement Mortar Caulking/Grouting Gun with the above prepared workable mix fully and use a suitable Nozzle provided with the Gun which will exactly be compatible with the Tie Rod opening.
  5. Start filling the Tie Rod/Wall Tie holes with the above workable mix from one end by applying required pressure using Cement Mortar Caulking/Grouting Gun till the mix travels smoothly throughout the hole by filling entire space in the hole and is seen reaching the other end of the hole without excessive ooze-out from the other end.
  6. Now remove the Gun from the first end and finish both the ends perfectly using flat thapi so that both the ends are level in line with the parent surface.
  7. The above same procedure should be followed for filling all other Tie Rod / Wall Tie holes.
  8. The Mix should be used within the prescribed pot life

Shelf Life

6 months from the date of production if stored in original, sealed packaging and in places protected from moisture, sun exposure and frost.

Technical Specifications


Free flowing grey powder

Max. Aggregate Size

600 micron

Water : Powder

Gunnable: 23 ± 2%

Initial Setting Time

4-5 Hours

Final Setting Time

5-7 Hours

Fresh Wet Density

1900 ± 100 Kg/m³

Flow on Table

180 ± 20 mm @ 0.25 W/P Ratio

Compressive Strength ( BS 1881 & IS 4031 part 6)

> 7 N/mm² (1 Day );

> 18 N/mm² (7 Days);

> 50 N/mm² (28 Days)

Pullout Bond Strength

> 5.5 N/mm² @ 28 Days (IS 2770)

Flexural Strength

> 5.0 N/mm² @ 28 Days (ASTM C 438)

Expansion @ 28 Days

Nil (ASTM C 940)



Layer Thickness ( Single Pour )

Minimum 1/2" (12.7mm)

Maximum 3" (75mm)

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