Chickenmesh (conmesh)

Key Features

  • Chicken Mesh is a construction mesh fabric manufactured from glass yarn and coated with specialty chemicals.
  • Low weight High Strength Fabric with unique weaving technology.
  • It is alkaline resistant which is very important for cement base application
  • Avoids shrinking, tearing, cracks in plaster.

Where two materials with various coefficients of thermal expansion come together, Chicken Mesh LP/WP 142 is utilized.(Joints of RCC, Masonry etc.)In order to prevent cracks at concealed areas and reduce maintenance and repair costs, chicken mesh LP/WP100 is utilized for concealed portion reinforcement.

Both cement and gypsum plasters are compatible with chicken mesh products. Construction members become stressed as a result of constant temperature variation and develop cracks over time, increasing the likelihood that harmful elements will enter the building and shortening its lifespan. Chicken mesh LP/WP is a great engineering material for this because of its flexibility, tensile strength, and crack control properties. Chicken mesh LP/WP is available in three sizes: 142 mm x 50 m, 100 mm x 50 m, and 1000 mm x 50 m.

Chicken mesh LP/WP 1000 mm is particularly beneficial for Plaster / Gypsum Reinforcements, Waterproofing, Repair and Restorations, Concrete Grade Separations, Special Engineering needs, Tensile Reinforcement etc.

Chicken mesh LP/WP products absorb tension and provide a flexible, incredibly tough, and long-lasting layer within plaster that makes it easier for other construction materials to cling to. Unlike products made of metal or plastic, chicken mesh does not corrode and is easy to use, pliable, cuts easily, and lies flat. All requirements for tensile strength and resistance to acid, salts, water, fungus, bacteria, and alkali are exceeded by chicken mesh products. Chicken mesh products offer reinforcement against impact and seismic movements and have alkali resistance properties. All construction materials and additives are suitable with chicken mesh products. Gypsum plasters and cement can both be used. Galvanized nails or skilled labor are not required to fix chicken mesh products to surfaces or joints. Using chicken mesh products, zero level plaster is feasible, saving money. Items made from chicken mesh are lightweight, flexible, and simple to use (User Friendly). To ensure original products, chicken mesh products come with a 3D hologram on attractive packaging.

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