Sports Surface

We Are One Enterprises Pvt Ltd offers various sports surfaces including:

  • FIFA and FIH approved Artificial Turf Surfaces 
  • IAAF approved Running tracks
  • Acrylic Surfaces 
  • PVC Sports Floor 
  • EPDM 
  • SBR 
  • Polyurethane 
  • Wooden Sports Floor 
  • Artificial Turf for other applications

Other Products and Services: 

  • Stadium Seating 
  • Lighting for all sporting applications 
  • Accessories for various applications 
  • Children playing area 
  • Other activity surfaces in the podium area

1. Synthetic Acrylic

  • Have the distinction of installing over 5,000 acrylic courts in India and neighboring countries till-date… the highest ever by any company!
  • The material is ITF Certified, UV-resistant, and water-resistant

2. Artificial Turf for FIFA and FIH Certified fields

  • Artificial Turf from a Leading European brand which is a FIFA Preferred Producer and FIH Preferred Supplier
  • Installed the maximum number of FIFA and FIH Certified fields- combined in India
  • Certified by the International Hockey Federation as an “FIH Certified Field Builder”
  • Have installed hockey surfaces used for the “FIH Junior Mens World Cup 2016” and currently in use for the “Hockey India League”

3. IAAF Athletic Tracks

  • We represent one of the leading IAAF Certified Athletic Track companies from Europe.
  • Supply all types of track surfaces – 
  1. Full PUR System 
  2. Sandwich System 
  3. Spray System

4. Poly Urethane (PU)

  • These are surfaces made of polyurethane with the base material being S.B.R. rubber and then Polyurethane on top.
  • The surface is extremely hardwearing having high tear and tensile strengths.
  •  It comes in different thicknesses as per the sport to be played. 
  • The finish of the PU differs from inside usage to outside usage.
  • For inside the PU finish is smooth in nature while outside it is rough in nature.

5. Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

    • A foam-based synthetic surface with layers of foam as backing, woven fiberglass as the middle layer, and 100% vinyl wear layer as the top finish.
    • Available in thickness ranging from 2.5mm to 12mm with excellent shock resistance and superior stability.
    • Comes in different colors and have got an option of maple finish.

6. Maple Wood

  • Sourced from a reputed and WSF Certified American Supplier 
  • Is the hardest hardwood recommended for Squash, Volleyball, Basketball and Badminton Courts indoors.
  • Installed with vapor barrier at the bottom, rubber pads, sleepers, ply, and maple wood on the top

7. Squash Court

  • A squash court also employs hard plaster/wall panels for walls and glass wall for back glass or all-sided glass squash court.
  • We have our own brand – “SynPlast” which is a World Squash Federation Certified hard plaster for walls. 
  • Our brand “Syncotts Rear Glass Wall” is certified by World Squash Federation.

8. Seating

  • We provide seating solutions for stadiums- outdoor, indoor halls, etc.
  • The seats are imported from reputed manufacturers based in Europe and S. Korea
  • Seating comes in all forms i.e. fixed mounted on concrete or steel rails or floor-mounted brackets

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