Crack Filler


  • Specially modified single component, high strength, non-shrink crack filling powder for repairing of plaster and minor concrete cracks.
  • It is ideal for filling cracks up to 5 mm size in horizontal or vertical areas of buildings and structures.


  • For crack repairs of all surfaces
  • Repairing Masonry work, corners and surfaces.
  • For filling small holes , imperfections and suitably primed cracks


  • Excellent adhesion with many substrates
  • Single component and needs only fixing with water
  • Easily applied on vertical and horizontal cracks.
  • Fiber reinforced – strong adhesion to surface.
  • Better hiding & better wall finish.
  • Good water resistance.
  • Flexible
  • Non-shrink – one time application.
  • Bonds strongly to cementitious substrates.
  • Better water resistance.

High quality, weather-resistant acrylic emulsion polymer, carefully chosen, graded fillers, light-fast pigment, and additives make up Crack-X Paste. It is a single pack of flexible putty that is ready to use and has good bonding, ease of application, water resistance, attractive appearance, and durability for filling cracks in plastered surfaces.

The components of Crack-X Shrinkfree include the highest grade polymer, carefully chosen fillers, and additives. It is a 100% shrink-free, flexible, light weight, putty-like material that dries quickly and has a strong adhesive to cementitious substrates. It is used to patch cracks in plastered surfaces.

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