Injection Grout

Injection Grout is a solvent-free crack injection substance made of a liquid epoxy resin with a very low viscosity and an amine hardener system. Because it offers deep penetration, shrink-free solid mass, strong bonding inside the cracks, and great resistance to honey combing & chemicals, it is used to seal & inject cracks in concrete floors, walls & buildings. It serves as a long-lasting bonding agent and concrete crack repair for floors, walls, tanks, and seawalls.

Key Features

  • Seals & bonds strongly with cracks of concrete, floors & walls and provides a smooth working surface & avoids damage of the concrete substrate.
  • Low viscosity helps in deep penetration into the cracks sealing them permanently. Because of its low viscosity, strong bonding, higher strength development than parent concrete, shrink-free nature & waterproofing characteristics, it is suitable for repairs of heavy concrete structures like bridges, dams, buildings, etc.
  • Resistance to aggressive chemicals, corrosion, abrasion & dust formation.
  • Excellent adhesion to cement substrate even under salt water & moisture.

Standard Compliance / Specification Meets the requirement of BS 6319 & STM C 881 standards.

Technical Specification




Mixing Ratio - Base Hardner (by weight)

100 • 60

Pot life @30° & 65% RH, minutes

80 - 150

Sp. Gravity @30°C

11 + 0.05

Initial setting time, Hrs


Compressive strength N/mm∧2

BS:6319: part

> 40 - 1 days

> 70 - 7 days

Flexural strength, N/mm∧2

BS:6319: part 3

>30 - 7 days

Tensile strength, N/mm∧2

BS:6319: part 7

>15 - 7 days

Water permeability, %


Bond strength, kN

ASTM: C 881

Concrete Failure

Viscosity Brookfield RVT Model @30°C  CPS

200 - 400


Fresh mix density 1.02 kg/ ltr.

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