Tile Bonder

Features and Advantages

  • Easy to use – To be pre-mixed with cement and then mix with water.
  • Compatible with both gray & white cement.
  • Economical solution for tile fixing with less cement slurry consumption.
  • Good adjustability time with high water retention even at elevated temperature.
  • Greatly increases pot life, open time & workability ensuring higher speed of tiling with very less wastage.
  • No hollow sound behind tile due to high spreadability & coverage.
  • Improves adhesion & bond strength with self-curing property.
  • Low VOC – For healthy living.

Application Instruction

The substrate must be cured, undamaged, compact, rigid, resistant, dry and free from any debonding agents and from damp rising.

  • New concrete slabs shall be damp cured and 28 days old before application which will reduce the shrinkage from tile fixing surface.
  • Expansion joints to be provided & filled with suitable sealant.
  • Don’t cover expansion joints with thin set tile adhesive/ tile.
  • Ideally leveling bed / Machan should be prepared using Water: Cement : Sand : Water in the ratio of 0.4 : 1 : 6 (it can vary as per requirement).


  • Roff Tile Bonder to be mixed with cement / cement & sand.
  • For Cement- sand bedding (machan), mix 300 gms of RTB in 1 bag cement (50 Kg) and add this fortified pre-mix (mixer of cement & RTB) with sand in the ratio 1:6, or any other ratio as per industry best practices.
  • Add water to saturate the mix enough and bring to the desired levels and consistency. Water dosage can be decreased / increased depending upon cement and sand available at site to achieve the desired consistency for application.
  • For Tile or Stone laying over the Leveling Bed : Mix 300 gms of RTB in 1 bag cement (50 Kg) and add this fortified pre-mix (mixer of cement & RTB) with required water. Mix it thoroughly, to make a smooth, flowable, lump free slurry.
  • Allow the mix to stand for 2 minutes before using it.


Apply either cement slurry or fortified RTB+ cement slurry over the base slab

  • While the coat is still wet, evenly spread the mortar/ machan over the area to be covered by cement bedding (machan). Compact the mortar well, while leveling the bed.
  • Proceed with tile laying using wet-on-wet method with RTB+ cement slurry.
  • Pour the mix described above, over fresh screed, and spread the slurry to a uniform thickness of 1 to 2 mm. Carefully place the tile onto a wet, sticky slurry.
  • Use spacers, to leave enough space between tiles. The joint width shall be as per the recommendation of architect / engineer.
  • Stroke the tiles using a rubber mallet, to level the tiles, and ensure the tile is perfectly embedded in the soft screed.
  • It is good practice to lift an occasional tile after fixing, to verify that the required contact is being achieved.
  • If the slurry is skinned over, remove the slurry and replace with fresh slurry.
  • If necessary, tiles should be adjusted within 5- 10 minutes of installation.
  • Carefully clean off any excess slurry from the tiles and joints with a damp sponge or cloth before it sets.
  • Leave for at least 72 hours before grouting. Remove the spacers before grouting
  •  For highly absorbent natural stones which may form a wet patch when adhesive is used, it is recommended to use suitable Roff Impregnating sealer on all sides.


  • Only 300 gm to be mixed with 50 Kg bags of cement & add this mixture in water.
  • Coverage will vary depending on thickness of leveling bed and the mix proportion used to make the leveling bed.
  • Slurry coverage would depend upon the porosity of the substrate.

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