Bonding Chemical

Key Features

  • A Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Latex based material , designed to improve the waterproofing , bonding , physical properties and integrity of cementitious mortars, screeds and concretes
  • Bonding Chemical also acts as a bonding agent / sealer to concrete, plaster or other porous substrates.
  • Bonding Chemical is a high strength, solvent free epoxy bonding agent specially formulated to be used for bonding new concrete to old concrete or mixing with dry sand to make a repair mortar.
  • With 100% solids, it is a modified epoxy resin adhesive.


  • Bonding slurry: Bonding from old to new concrete, plaster & gypsum, etc.
  • Waterproofing: Toilets, balconies, terrace , basement wall & water tank, etc.
  • Structural Repairs: Reconstruction work, concrete repairs, re-plaster , masonry , parking bridge desk , etc.
  • Tile Fixing: Fixing of tiles, stones , bricks , etc.
  • Anticorrosion : Protection of reinforcements in concrete repairs ( 1:1 with cement by volume )
  • Bonding materials such as concrete, masonry, stone , wood , metal , etc.
  • Bonding new plastic concrete to existing concrete or steel.
  • Binder for epoxy repair mortar to patch or overlay horizontal surfaces.
  • Gravity feed of cracks in horizontal concrete and wood surfaces.
  • Anchoring dowel bars , tie bars , bolts , etc. in horizontal surfaces.
  • Machinery base plate grout.

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