Brick Masonry Mortar

Key Features

  • Ease of workability and “lay” at 10mm thickness
  • Low heat product
  • Graded and factory controlled natural river sand enhanced
  • Economical to use compared to using site mixed 1:4 or 1:6 cement: sand mortars
  • Gives better adhesion, more stability and durability
  • Seepages and water penetration through joints are negligible

It is a standard “thick joint” masonry mortar with performance enhancements for bonding a variety of masonry materials, such as Concrete Blocks, AAC Blocks, and Red Clay bricks, with thicknesses ranging from about 10mm. In order to properly bond different building materials, it is changed to guarantee that there is enough workability, open time, and bond strength.


40 kg Bag

Shelf Life

3 Months, if kept in cool, dry condition in unopened original packing.

Method of application

Before applying, clean the block or brick’s surface to remove any dust or other loose materials that can interfere with adhesion. Before use, the block or bricks must be thoroughly saturated with water. For one full bag of 40 kg of powder, use 8 to 9 liters of drinkable water, depending on the thickness of the joints that need to be built up. Fill a mixing tray of an appropriate size with the smallest amount of water necessary. As soon as you add the first portion, divide it in half and begin mixing. If you wait, you will develop lumps that will be difficult to mix out.

When a smooth, creamy, lump-free, homogenous, and cohesive consistency mixture is reached, quickly but gradually add the remaining amount and begin fully mixing once more. Let the mixture stand/rest alone for two minutes to allow the ingredients and polymers to properly activate. For a minute, remix. If more water is required to attain the desired consistency, make it up as needed and stir it again for a minute. The combination is now prepared for application or use.Do not add more water to the mixture than is specified above, as doing so can weaken the mixture and cause pores that may be microscopic or more obvious. Apply 10 mm of mortar in both the horizontal and vertical joints of the block using a suitable notched trowel, and then set the next block on top. To clean the joint areas, remove any extra flush material and use it again right away. To finish the masonry wall, carry out the same technique while laying the subsequent block. During 60 to 90 minutes of preparation, it should be applied.

Technical Parameters

Appearance and Color

Free Flowing Granular Gray Powder


Ordinary Portland Cement 53 With Pozzolanic Materials

River Sand Sand Gradation

Processed Fine Aggregates (Purified, Graded And Proportioned River Sand)

Maximum Aggregate size

3.00 mm

Mixtur Proportion



Performance enhancing Proprietary additives to improve:

Spread ability & Workability,

Strength & Durabality,

High Bond Strength,

Water Resistant,


Water Retention.

Water Demand

13% to 14%

Pot Life

60 mins to 90 mins

Dry Density

1.75 kg/L

Wet Density

2.10 kh/L

Compressive Strength at 28 Days

10 MPa to 12 Mpa

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