Epoxy Zinc Primer


  • Active rich system combats corrosion by electro-chemicals means.
  • Easy application by brush or spray.
  • Excellent compatibility and suitable primer for steel surfaces and can be over-coated by epoxy or polyurethane coatings.
  • Bonds strongly to cement concrete & mortars.
  • Resistance to commonly used acids & alkali.
  • Single component ensures almost no waste.

Steel is actively protected against galvanic corrosion by Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer, which is delivered as a single liquid component with a gray color. The product acts as a barrier against further corrosive substances like chlorides that destroy steel and concrete.

Technical Information



Test Temp (°C)


Specific Gravity (g/CC)

1.85 + 0.05

Thickness of application (W.F.T), microns

100 - 120 per coat

Inter coat time @ 30°C. (Hour)


Hard drying time (hrs.)


Full cure (days)


Theoretical Coverage:

Coverage rate will be 6 m^2 /lit/coat at a DFT of 50 micrometers.

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