Self Curing Ready Mix plaster

Key Features

  • Self curing
  • Excellent water repellent property.
  • Efflorescence resistance
  • Higher bond Strength
  • Less Rebound Loss
  • Suitable for External & Internal Plastering of walls

Self Curing RMP is a ready-to-use cementitious waterproof mortar that may be used to apply plaster both internally and externally. The particular waterproofing and self-curing chemicals, ACC cement, and well-graded sand make up the Self Curing RMP formula.

Technical properties

Mixed density: 1.8-1.95 Kg/ltr

28 day compressive strength: 10-15 Mpa

Pot life: 50-60 minutes

W/P: 12-14%

Bulk density: 1.60-1.8Kg/ltr

 Pull-out bond strength: 20.5Mpa

Capillary absorption coefficient (Wc 2): ≤0,20 kg/(m²-min0,5)

Packaging, ShelfLife, Storage

Available in 40kg Ad Star bag

6 months from the date of manufacturing

Store in a dry place away from moisture


Self Curing RMP in a 40kg bag covers 20–24 square feet with a 10–12 mm thick layer of covering. The type and quality of the substrate being used affect the coverage.

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