Micro Glass Fiber

About Micro Fiber Glass

Engineering Properties are present in Micro Glass Fibers. Millions of glass fibers evenly scatter throughout the three dimensions of concrete and mortar, creating Micro Secondary Reinforcement (MSR), which prevents cracks in the plaster and concrete. Improve crack, impact, and abrasion resistance. increases the construction’s quality, toughness, and service life.

Key Features

  • Micro Glass Fiber Increases Constructions Quality, Durability and Service Life
  • Crack Reduction UpTo 78%
  • Water Permeability Reduced by Almost 50%
  • Rebound Loss Reduced by 47%
  • Strength Increase by 15%


Micro Glass Fiber 12mm : RCC, PCC, concrete roads, industrial floors,precast manufacturing, industrial applications for MSR, etc. of all types.

Micro Glass Fiber 6mm: For Uses in Plaster and Other Cement-Base Building


  • By preventing micro shrinkage cracks, micro glass fiber makes concrete and plaster naturally stronger. Many millions of fibers provide Micro Secondary Reinforcement and support concrete and mortar in all directions (MSR).
  • To improve the binding and anchoring of Concrete/Mortar, Micro Glass Fiber is evenly  distributed throughout the Cement, Aggregate mix.
  • In order to make concrete and mortar more resistant to cracking and stronger against thermal expansion and contraction, micro glass fiber boosts the tensile strength and flexural toughness of these materials.
  • Micro Glass Fiber protects sharp edges and corners of Plaster from damages during Plastic Stage of Mortar.
  • Micro Glass Fiber decreases permeability, preventing corrosion of steel and enhancing building durability.
  • Micro Glass Fiber lowers the likelihood of leaks, seepage, and moisture, resulting in lower maintenance costs and greater savings on expensive interior work.
  • RCC / PCC roads are made durable and maintenance-free by the great improvement in tensile strength and abrasion resistance provided by micro glass fiber.
  • The ingredients and additives used in all varieties of concrete can be used with micro glass fiber. Micro Glass Fiber blends in almost completely with the completed surface.
  • For construction sites, Micro Glass Fiber is a user-friendly product that is secure to handle.
  • Micro Glass Fiber improves the construction process’s quality, sturdiness, and service life.
  • Availability: 6mm 60 gm Pouch, 12mm 85 gm Pouch 12mm 600 gm Pouch, 20kg Bags, Special size (24mm) and Packaging Available for Bulk use and Export.
  • Better mechanical qualities will be produced by a higher dosage. Obey the civil engineer’s advice.

Instructions of use

  • For RCC: Use one Pouch Micro Glass Fiber 12mm with one bag (50kg) of Cement. 600g Pouch for 1m’ of Concrete for RMC Applications.
  • For Plaster: Use one Pouch Micro Glass Fiber  6mm (60gm) with one bag (50kg) of Cement.
  • When the mixture in the mixer is homogenous, add the Micro Glass Fiber and let it revolve for two minutes to achieve uniform dispersion.
  • Better mechanical qualities will be produced by a higher dosage. Obey the civil engineer’s advice.

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